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so cut my wrists and black my eyes ..

Name: andrea nicole.
Age: fifteen.
Sex: female.
Sexual Preference: straight :)

5+ Favorite bands:
- bright eyes
- the postal service
- from first to last
- matchbook romance
- my chemical romance
4+ Favorite Movies:
- sixteen candles
- white oleander
- some like it hot
- nightmare before christmas
3+ People you admire
- i know this might sound typical but my mom
- my best friend, greg.
- marilyn monroe
2+ Favorite books
- white oleander
- perks of being a wallflower

Any Hobbies: well of course scene/concerts (i live near cleveland/canton). thrift shopping . photography .i dont know if this would be considered a hobby but i love to make mixtapes/cds. and right now im attempting to learn how to play guitar, heh. so far not much luck but only time will tell.  


Gay Marriage- Is it right or wrong? Gay marriage to me is more of a right, then a privilage. I think that gay marriages should be legal. Marriage is not about race or sex. It's about love. And if same-sex couples love each other, then they should have every right to be able to get married. Marrying someone of the same sex is not a sin. It's not a curse. It's life. If the US has equal rights for people of all race, sex, creed, nationality, etc.,  then gay rights shouldn't be such a controversial issue.

Government- How do you feel about it in general? to be quite honest, i have never ever really payed much attention to it. but now with everything going on i think its best if i start getting into it because it is very important and which decides what my future will hold as i get older.

hmpf. yeah thats me. sorry if its not really clear, my camera sucks like whoa. :/
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