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Wow it's been forever...

Summer was this one big blur where I never had time to get online or anything, so I've missed posting on lj a lot! But now school is back and with breaks during the day there is plenty of time.

I have a question for everyone on here and I'm hoping someone can help me out. There is a Fall Out Boy concert at bogarts on the 20 of november in cincinnati and the tickets are all sold out and I need some. So if anyone knows a way I could get any please PLEASE let me know.

On the other hand I just wanted to say what's up to everyone and I hope you all had a good summer! As for me now... I have to go to class, I'm almost late again... dammmit!


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    Click on that picture Add it

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    Motion City Soundtrack @The Basement Wed. ;) I know you're all jealous. what, what.

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    this place seems DEAD..=/ =/

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