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The application of this web adress is great.

Name? Matt Collins
Age? 14
Sex? Male
Sexual Preference? Straight
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? middletown

Tell me about you. Your life: It has been quite a drama magnet. I mean I like my life it just really bites because I have had like seven "relationships" and they all lasted about 2-3 weeks so that sucks. Heck, i do have some great friends though so it counter balances. I also work at the Turtle Creek Flea Market so that is fun.
5+ Favorite bands: something Corporate, My Chemical romance, Taking Back sunday, Dashboard Confessional, and Ingram Hill.
4+ Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko, saw, The Breakfast Club, and Digimon: The Movie.
3+ People you admire: Andrew McMahon, Gandhi, and Mr.Williams
2+ Favorite books: Stone Fox and Chicago stories

Any Hobbies? Playing Video Games and watching Anime and somewhere in the middle listening to music.

1. abortion: I think if you was stupid enough to flop before you wanted a child you should live with it or give it up for adoption, but rape is a different story. I would just put it up for adoption if I was a girl.
2. teen sex: Whatever floats your boat, but i think, they should be ready for some of the consequences.
3. drugs: Never will take them but it is up to the person to be stupid and take drugs to take the edge off.
4. drinking: As long as people do not get drunk when i am with them that is their business.
5. gay marriage: If there is bi-racial marriages then there should be gay marriages and as long as you love each other then it should not matter.
6. government: It guards our rights most of the time and protects us against most attacks so as long as they do not impose on my rights i will be fine.
Pictures:I nejoy the second photo cuz I look funny and i am with my bro.

The third photo is my favorite shirt!

and the last picture is very ugly.


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