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Name?chelsea Age?15 Sex?female Sexual Preference?i like both What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from?Cincinnati Tell me about you. Your life:[this isnt a damn header, its a question.. please please answer it.]I got to the school for creative and performing arts where i major in lighting and vocal. i have two groups of friends...the ones from tech and the ones from this coffee house i ahng out. MY best friend is heather and kat. I live with my mom ina house in westwood. 5+ Favorite bands:motion city soundtrack,the used, head automatica,billy talent, and le tigre 4+ Favorite Movies:napolean dynamite,rocky horror picture show,house of 1000 corpses and 28 days later 3+ People you admire:Mr.NEw (my lighting teacher),My friend heather and my friend grace because they can always make the ebst out of any situatuion 2+ Favorite books: series of unfortunate events and cut Any Hobbies?i horse back ride, i travel, i go to bogarts,i like to dance around like an idiot in random places, and tech! Opinoins: 1. abortion: im all for abortion....if the baby is gonna have a crappy home and crappy parents go ahead and take it out. or if the person is not ready for a baby take it out....i mean it all depends on the situation your in. 2. teen sex: if you love someone enough go ahaead and have sex with doesnt matter what your age is but if u care for that person and they care for you.i dont agree with bein a slut and fucking every guy you see but if your horny go have sex...itll be better....but use prtection! 3. drugs:i used to do alot of drugs but last summer i went to rehab so im not really big on drugs not against them...i just choose not to use much as i did....ill smoke every now and then but i dont do pot everyday or shoot up every hour. 4. drinking: only at parties. 5. gay marriage: I hate this topic! ANYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO MARRY ANYONE THEY CHOOSE NO MATTER THEIR SEX! IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE ENOUGH TO MARRY THEM YOU SHOULD BE ALOUD TO DO IT! 6. government I DONT LIKE BUSH, I DONT LIKE KERRY! i like nader! but id choose kerry over bush any day of the week. I do not like some of the things bush has done and i do not agree with that dam cheney either.

IMG_0403.jpg me in paris

chelseafuckedupface.jpg me at warped tour



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    Motion City Soundtrack @The Basement Wed. ;) I know you're all jealous. what, what.

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