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Age? 16
Sex? female
Sexual Preference? boys/girls
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? Cuyahoga Falls

Tell me about you. Your life:[this isnt a damn header, its a question.. please please answer it.] I love Nip/tuck, i could watch it constantly. I love a boy, he makes me completely happy. I love riding bikes when it's rainging outside. I wash my face all the time. I can't stand living in Ohio, the cold is ridiculous. Oh, and i like dancing to the new gwen stefani cd. haha.

5+ Favorite bands: arab on radar, xiu xiu, cursive, fugazi, neutral milk hotel, the faint, q and not u, les savy, ex models, tilly and the wall, norma jean
4+ Favorite Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3+ People you admire: I really admire my friends Matty, Sammy, and Breanna. They're all really amazing people who have always been there for me.
2+ Favorite books: Letting Go of Bobby James, How I Found my Self of Steam, Hindenburg Crashes Nightly, Fierce People

Any Hobbies? Not really. I love sewing/stenciling, though.

1. abortion: I, like many people, believe that if a woman was raped, she should get to choose. If it was just from unprotected sex, I really don't think that's right.
2. teen sex: That kind of goes with my abortion answer. I really don't think this is right, either, but there's really no way of controlling it.
3. drugs: I would really hate it if my friends did drugs. I guess if we aren't doing it, I really don't care.
4. drinking: I hate alcohol.
5. gay marriage: Marriage should be about love. The government shouldn't be able to control who we marry.
6. government: Meh. it used to interest me, but not anymore. It's a crap excuse, but I am too busy and a tad stressed to be thinking about politics and stuff. The only time I start paying attention is when Tony Blair decides he wants to pay people more money for university.


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