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Name? chandlee.
Age? fifteen.
Sex? female.
Sexual Preference? male.
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? struthers. it's in youngstown.

Tell me about you. Your life: i was born in youngstown ohio on august 19, 1989. lived in struthers my entire life. i go to public school where i am in the marching band with my sister who is seventeen and graduating this year. in the school year of 02-03 i slacked off really bad and failed 8th grade. got reallly depressed because my parents got divorced after that and i thought it was because of me. i changed my total outer apperance and the music i listened to and everyone started making fun of me. and here i am.

5+ Favorite bands - taking back sunday. hawthorne heights. brand new. a static lullaby. my chemical romance.
4+ Favorite Movies - finding neverland. the crow. the ring. orange county.
3+ People you admire - adam lazarra. casey calvert. gerard way.
2+ Favorite books - define normal - julie anne peters. don't think twice - author unknown.

Any Hobbies? marching band. friends. music. i sing.

1. abortion - i think it's wrong. complete murder. i don't belive in it. i think if you made the mistake of having unprotectred sex, you should have to deal what comes with it. it's stupid to take the life of a person who hasn't even had there first breath. a person that has never met there family. it's unbeliveable that someone would actually want to do a thing like that.
2. teen sex - i can't say much about this. over half of the population of teen un my city are having sex. two people that are close to me that are fifteen have childern. i think that if you make the desision to have sex at a young age, then at least stay safe. i do however think it's stupid to be having sex at this age, because when you do want to have sex on your wedding night it's not going to be as just seems right to lose your virginity to someone you know you're going to spend the rest of your life with.
3. drugs - drugs are stupid.they are something to give you a temporary high and then afterwards you feel like crap. sometimes there isn't an afterwards. they have killed many people and cause alot of heartache to many people in my family. i just don't see a point in a temporary high that can in the end, be fatil.
4. drinking - i feel the same way as i do with drugs. you drink, then you throw up, then you feel like crap in the morning. it's supposed to be fun anf in the end you wake up with a headache and no knowlage of what happened the night before. it's stupid.
5. gay marriage - i feel very strongly about this. you like who you like. it dosn't matter if they are the same gender as you. it's how you feel. it's all in the heart. straight people can't help how they feel. so why should it be different for gays? people who are opposed to gay marriage are just closed minded and have no sense of feeling.
6. government - i think our government is very idiotic right now. i do not like the way george bush is going about things. i don't like the war. 9/11 was a few people, not an entire country. there is no need to destroy an entire country for only a number of peoples actions.


me (glasses) and my best friend mikki.

me, mikki, and our friend jerermy trying to be ghetto.


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