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Name? Kayla
Sex? female
Sexual Preference? girls
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from?- richmond hts

Tell me about you. Your life:im bascially trying to make it in this fucked up world and im getting a d- but oh very creative writing and drawing wise.

5+ Favorite bands-gay vultures,my chemical romance,the cure,taking back sunday,straylight run
4+ Favorite Movies-slc punk,nightmare before christmas,haggard,L.I.E
3+ People you admire-my mom,davey havok,my sister
2+ Favorite books-kerosene by chris wooding & the dictonary

Any Hobbies?-i play guitar and skateboard

1. abortion-for and against sort of if you REALLY have to do it then ok
2. teen sex-if you love the person your doing it with then its ok and you do it safely
3. drugs-havent done then wont do them my friends are fucked up on some stuff and i dont wanna be like that.
4. drinking-as long as you dont drive
5. gay marriage-for it doenst matter if your male and male or female and female as long as your in love
6. government-i really dont understand the goverment much but if the people do their jobs right it should be all good

Pictures? Post if you like.
it kind of old

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