September 8th, 2004

(no subject)

Name? Kristen
Age? 14
Sex? Female
Sexual Preference? Male
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? Cleveland

5+ Favorite bands Thursday, Boys Night Out, Death Cab for Cutie, Armor for Sleep, Hawthorne Heights

4+ Favorite Movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Scary Movie 3, Dude Where’s My Car

3+ People you admire Geoff Rickly

2+ Favorite books (I wont accecpt an idiot) I don’t read a lot. I want to start reading… it’ll open my mind a lot more.

Any Hobbies? drums, mall, friends, music… same old stuff.

1. abortion I vote no on abortion. If you get pregnant, it was your choice (unless you were raped). I’m pretty sure that a lot of hospitals allow you to drop off an unwanted baby. That’s much better than wasting a life away.

2. teen sex NOOO!

3. drugs Drugs are bad! I’m straight edge.

4. drinking Drinking is bad!straight edge

5. gay marriage It’s fine. People are people and different people have different interests. It’d be boring without gays, right? The world needs a variety.

6. government George Bush must die.