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Name - Nathan
Age - 22
Sex - Male
Sexual Preference - Straight
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from - Dayton

Tell me about you. Your life: My life revolves are my record player. Pretty much all I do is listen to music. Music has been my life since I was 6 and remains the top thing to me.

5+ Favorite bands - The Cure, Mike Patton, Breaking Pangaea, Converge, The Spill Canvas
4+ Favorite Movies - Punch Drunk Love, Garden State, Chasing Amy, Terror Firmer
3+ People you admire - Robert Smith, Jake Bannon, Mike Patton
2+ Favorite books - Women by Charles Bukowski, Devil Knot:The True Story Of The West Memphis Three

Any Hobbies? Music. I'm pretty boring as of late.

1. abortion - For.
2. teen sex - As long as it's not teens and 40 year olds I don't care. It's not my life their fucking up.
3. drugs - Against, but once again, not my life.
4. drinking - Ditto.
5. gay marriage - For. Love is love.
6. government - Depends. I'd say against but I realize anarchy is bullshit.
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