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Name? Cody
Age? 15
Sex? male
Sexual Preference? I like female

5+ Favorite bands Thursday, Poison the Well, Killswitch Engage, Taking Back Sunday, Pat Methany (artist)
4+ Favorite Movies Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, I am Sam, Dawn of the Dead
3+ People you admire Geoff Rickley, Time Payne, Xan Dead, Yo mama
2+ Favorite books (I wont accecpt an idiot) accept* ^_^ Pig man, I was a big fan of The Outsiders

Any Hobbies? I like to play bass alot

Opinoins: Drugs are bad

Gay Marriage- Is it right or wrong? It's right. "If Hindu's had majority rule over the American Government and they tried to ban Mcdonalds, what would you think about separation of church and state then?"

Government- How do you feel about it in general? Oh man, we've dug ourselves in a hole, this year's election is like choosing from a greater of two evils. I hope the voters make a good decision.

Pictures? I hate this part-

Sorry if those are too big.
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