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Name?: Saraaaa
Age? 15
Sex? Female
Sexual Preference? Striaghtsexual
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? The suburbs of Cleveland

Tell me about you. Your life:

5+ Favorite bands: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Trendy, the Blood Brothers, Coheed and Cambria
4+ Favorite Movies: Psycho, American History X, Fight Club, Office Space
3+ People you admire: I dont really admire anyone..sigh
2+ Favorite books: Tangerine (teehee), Invisible Monsters

Any Hobbies?: I like to take pictures, alot. Black and white photography <3

1. abortion: I think its nessecary in some situations.
2. teen sex: As long as the partners are being super safe about it..
3. drugs: Wow, its a super great way to screw up your life, but some for medicinal purposes are okay.
4. drinking: Blah, casual drinking is okay sometimes. Crazy alcoholics are not.
5. gay marriage: I think it way alright because youre gonna love who you love, no matter what and you should be able to be married.
6. government: I dont take much intrest in it, because I'm not old enough yet for alot of it to apply to me, but every form of government has its flaws I suppose.



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