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Name: Rachel
Age 20
Sex female
Sexual Preference: straight
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? Findlay

5+ Favorite bands: Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Say Anything, Straylight Run, Cartel
4+ Favorite Movies: High Fideltity & Say Anything & Anything funny.
3+ People you admire Chris Carrabba, (I have real reasons, not just I'm a fan stuff), my parents
2+ Favorite books: A prayer for owen meany

Any Hobbies? I love going to shows & I'm about to move back to Ohio so if you live near me & like shows let me know! shopping, movies, etc usual stuffOpinoins:1. abortion: shouldn't be used as birth control but there are situations where I understand2. teen sex: Well do you mean 13 or 17? I think whenever you're ready. Then again I don't think 15 year olds should be getting it on. 3. drugs: never done any, never will, have friends who do & they are becoming burn outs.4. drinking: can be fun but shouldn't be a hobby5. gay marriage: if people are willing to legally bind themselves together who am I to say it's "morally wrong" if you can have someone who loves you that deeply, go for it!6. government: what do you mean?

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