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Name? Becca
Age? 15
Sex? female
Sexual Preference? male
What part of oh so wonderful ohio are you from? Maumee, it's outside of Toledo

5+ Favorite bands: Silence The Wake, Before My Eyes, Bright Eyes, The Spill Canvas, Hawthorne Heights
4+ Favorite Movies: The Green Mile, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Office Space, Gothika
3+ People you admire: Conor Oberst, Nick Thomas, my mom
2+ Favorite books (I wont accecpt an idiot): The Interpretations of Dreams by Sigmund Freud, The Anthem by Ayn Rand

Any Hobbies? guitar, writing, going to shows

1. abortion - i don't really think that abortion is right because the child that could be had could be the next person to solve something serious in the world, like a cure for cancer and stuff, but it's really not my decision.
2. teen sex - if you think you've found the right person and you love them and you truly mean it i guess it's fine.
3. drugs - drugs aren't good, only negative things come from doing them and they don't help much, they only make things worse.
4. drinking - drinking isn't good either because alot of bad things happen when people drink, people get taken advantage of and people make bad choices when they're under the influence. i think we're all better off with out drugs or drinking.
5. gay marriage - love is love and nobody should be able to stop that. you can't change a person's sexual orientation or who they love and it's pointless to try to dictate who can marry who.
6. government - the goverment these days is all screwed up, our "country" no longer stands for what it used to stand for when our founding fathers had started it. and our amendments as Americans are abused daily, our so-called "Freedom of Speech" is very limited because people try to speak their mind but they aren't allowed to say much. People get sent to jail for protesting, even if it's a quiet protest that doesn't get out of hand, when we're allowed to protest. And no one ever feels like they're safe anymore, to me, when a country has reached that point, that's when you know something isn't right. and right now our choices for our next president aren't so good, i think we'd be better off with an independant as president.

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