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there were mercy fucks

  • Music:

The name's Rani.
Female, for sure.
Sexual Preference:
Straight// hetero.

5+ Favorite bands:
Dead Poetic, Letter Kills, Armor for Sleep, Funeral for a Friend, Modest Mouse, Mars Volta, etc...
4+ Favorite Movies:
Pulp Fiction, Office Space, The Breakfast Club, Almost Famous, Scotland, PA.
3+ People you admire:
.My grandmother
.Significant "friend", Aaron
.Good friend, Kristina
2+ Favorite books:
Perks of Being A Wallflower
Why Girls Are Weird

Any hobbies:
Shows grow to be a hobby, at some point. I write poetry about my life, read, draw life as I look at it in black &white, spend a reasonable amount of time on the internet, attempting to further my computer education level, for the future college-bound student I plan to be. Music is more of my way of life, than a hobby, but it still ranges in the category.


Gay Marriage- Is it right or wrong?: Personally, I think it is absolutely right. Today's generation grew up around "the bible" &believing in everything written. Yet, we live in a country of freedom. What kind of a "free nation" have we become, that we're telling our citizens who they can &cannot marry/love? Gay marriage has been around for years, but I fail to see why it's becoming such a large issue within the past year or two.

Government- How do you feel about it in general?:
The government is full of dishonest patrons who are only in it for the publicity &the money they expect to inherit from it. I don't involve myself with the government &politics, due to the fact that it's too indecisive &general. The government can run the country however they choose. As long as I can still walk outside &know that I can wear what I want, listen to whatever I want, &associate myself with whoever I want.


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