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__ohhgosh's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

Applicants ;;
01. 14+ only
02. You must apply within 48 hours of joining.
03. Use an LJ cut when posting your application.
04. Put "OMGz!!11` David Bowie!!" as your subject.
05. When applying, choose one of the following to be your role model: Rico Suave or Fabio.
06. Don't delete your application if you are rejected.
07. Don't post in the community aside from your application unless you are accepted.
08. You will be accepted/rejected after 2 days of voting. (ex : Applied - 1/1, Accepted/Rejected - 1/3)
09. If you are rejected, you can apply again in one month.

Members ;;
01. When voting, put "yes" or "no" in the subject, & give reasons.
02. When posting, put "stamped" as the subject.
03. Use an LJ cut when posting.
04. Ask permission before promoting another community.
05. You must participate in two out of four themes/hunts per month.
06. If you are not active & don't have a reason to be exempt, we will not hesitate to boot you.

How to get them ;;
+40 points
offline scavenger hunt
+30 points
online scavenger hunt
recruiting a sister community
+20 points
recruiting a new member
creating a promotion banner that is voted yes on by the members
+15 points
creating an accepted banner that is voted yes on by the members
creating a rejected banner that is voted yes on by the members
+10 points
promoting in a non-promo community (provide links/community names)
+5 points
promoting in a promo community (provide links/community names)
each story posted relating to the theme
+ 3 points
each picture posted relating to the theme
posting in the community (non-theme/hunt related)

What you can do with them ;;
01. 50 points : create a theme
02. 100 points : create an online hunt (minimum items - 5, maximum items - 8)
03. 150 points : create an offline hunt (minimum items - 5, maximum items - 8)
04. 200 points : auto-accept an applying member
05. 250 points : auto-reject an applying member
06. 500 points : create a banner for us to use without having it voted on
07. 600 points : challenge a member; the person you're challenging must post a new application to get voted on
08. 1000 points : boot a member; when booted, you cannot reapply

The theme is : your bedroom

Starts : September 11
Ends : September 16

Online ;;
01. a picture of a children's book
02. a picture of a wedding cake
03. a picture of a boat
04. a picture of a hamster
05. a picture of a blue hat

Offline ;;
01. a picture of you singing
02. a picture of you outside
03. a picture of you with a friend
04. a picture of you reading
05. a picture of something you cooked

Starts : August 12
Ends : August 17

accepted/rejected banners
promotion banners
ideas to improve

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