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Name: ashley.
Age: 13
Location: lakeland, FL
10 Favorite Bands: alkaline trio, odd project, bright eyes, the beatles, the violent femmes, eighteen visions, alexisonfire, atreyu, the pixies, the movielife, the backstreet boys, brand new, q and not u, bush, horrorpops, the distillers, radiohead, the ramones
5 Favorite Movies: romeo&juliet, the wizard of oz, the crow, the breakfast club, sixteen candles
5 Favorite Books: how green was my valley, alice and wonderland, nancy drew is okay.. and... i used to read the D&D books? o_O wtf... nerd...
Your Hero: probably my grandpa if not SUPERMAAAAAN.. no, not really. my grandpa because he's been through hell, and he's still being happy and stuff. he's a transient, and he's been a transient for about 20 or 30 years... he doesn't like people helping him because he likes being able to do things for himself. he's pretty screwed from doing acid years ago, but he's the greatest, and he can write insanely good. i love him to death.
Favorite Stores: eh, i don't shop much. goodwill is fun. my best friend and i used to take all the donations on the weekend, hah. anyway, that and probably spencer's, i guess.
5 Favorite Songs: except me - the movielife, giving in - adema, black horse riding star - scarling, closer to god - nine inch nails, lovesick - kill hannah
Favorite Actor or Actress: i really really like tom hanks and john cusack as actors.. and i guess brittany murphy as an actress.
3 Favorite Cd's: odd project - the second hand stopped, rush - vapor trails, breaking benjamin - saturate
Why did you join this community? 'cause it was pretty and interesting, i guess
2 places you promoted(SHOW LINKS) LINK link
at least 3 pictures of yourself NO MORE THAN 7: i don't have any really clear ones, 'cause i have a webcam and the light i need for anything to show up makes my nose disappear. but for christmas i'm getting a digi, sooo. :D

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