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Name: Kirsten, some call me Fresh.
Age: 13
Location: Alaska
10 Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, The Used, The Rasmus, Atreyu, Thrice, Three Days Grace, Blink-182, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, the Explosion
5 Favorite Movies Mean Girls, 911(skateboard vid), Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, Wayne's World 1 & 2, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
5 Favorite Books Speak, Cut, Look for Me By Moonlight, Holes, Cirque Du Freak series
Your Hero: My parents, mostly my mom, what she goes through, how she does it all, and what she cares for, and how she puts up with me everyday.
Favorite Stores: Bandwagon, Hot Topic, Borderline, Bruce's Street and Skate
5 Favorite Songs: Don't Cry-GnR, Take it away-The Used, Here I am-The Explosion, You shook me all night long-AcDC, Bringin' on the heartbreak-Def Leopard
Favorite Actor or Actress: I dont really have any, but I like Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Mike Myers, love his movies ;), Jim Carey
3 Favorite Cd's: I dont own Cd's, I got other things, but I borrow some from my friends, I like my Guns N Roses-The Greatist hits cd, and Def Leopard.
Why did you join this community? __ohcrafty told me to, I listen to her. :D
2 places you promoted(SHOW LINKS)


at least 3 pictures of yourself NO MORE THAN 7:

^ On the right, with the black sweater ;)

Alright, thanks for your seconds in life.

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