steph. (blankstare0o0) wrote in __ohemohotties,


Name: Steph
Age: 15
Location: Chicago
10 Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, Lola Ray, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Sugarcult, The Killers, Fall Out Boy,  Abeyance, Green Day,  The Used

5 Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Where The Heart Is, Selena ( idn why i love it so much), I am Sam, Spiderman 1 & 2

5 Favorite Books: Speak, Born Blue, and well i havent really read too many good books.

Your Hero: my best friend tori, she lives a pretty crappy life but shes amazing.

Favorite Stores: Shopping downtown in vintage stores, Pac Sun, etc

5 Favorite Songs: "sos" good charlotte, "you know what they do to guys like us in prison" my chemical romance, "Mr. Brightside" The Killers, "On Top" The Killers, "Charlit Movie Star" Lola Ray

Favorite Actor or Actress: Sean Penn in 'I am Sam' AMAZING acting gets me everytime

3 Favorite Cd's: Hott Fuss- The Killers, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge- MCR,  I dont know you- Lola Ray

Why did you join this community? looks interesting and you all seemreally cool.
2 places you promoted(SHOW LINKS) here and here

at least 3 pictures of yourself NO MORE THAN 7:

 i know this isnt of my face yeah

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