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__oh__its__you's Journal

Oh it's you
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Oh. It's you ♥.

Welcome. This is a rating community.

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papercut101          800am          dont_believe_x

...read them

.001. No fighting//drama//girl crap please.

.002. Accept it if you are accepted//rejected. If we don't like you, it's not our fault. But you can reapply in a week. Maybe we'll not like you less the next time.

.003. Put "Yes it's me" in the LJ-cut text.

.004. Put "Newbie" in the subject line and make it friends only

.005. We're not that tough to get into. As long as you hold our attention, you're in.

.006. Boys && Girls welcome.

.007. Just be nice. be honest; but be nice.

.008. Thanks.

.009. When you post somethi ng that you want points for put STAMPED//+ the number of points you expect to recieve. This makes it easier for us to tally your points

.010. Please apply within 24 hours of joining. This makes it easier than reminding everyone.

.011. Don't apply using rich text. We already have the layout made for you. If you need help, contact us or someone else. But KISS. (keep it simple shithead). Just use the regular update journal form. nothing fancy.

.012. Respect the mods.

.013. Stay active or you'll get the boot.

.014. Be detailed We can't stress this enough. Your application decides if you're in or not. So it's important!


Members Here

.001. Vote on the applications.

.002. Explain your vote. Tell why you said yes//no.
*Dont leave short little answers.
Thats cocky and rude. If you cant think of a reason why then just dont vote.
*Dont vote one way just because everyone else did.

.003. Be active. Please. It's what makes this community interesting.

.004. We also have face-offs. Here

Point System

2 points for every time you vote
2 points for every time you promote
5 points every time you post
5 points for every picture you post
10 points for every banner (promo, accepted/rejceted)
40 points for participating in the scavenger hunt/theme
70 points for winning a contest.


100 points-you receive an auto-reject/auto-accept
300 points-you can choose theme
800 points-You get to go in member hall of fame ♥

Theme #1
Post pictures of your holiday decorations.

Theme #2
Post pictures of anything green or red. Put the color theme in the lj-cut

& Contest.
Post the funniest picture of yourself you have. (Funny doesnt neccesarily mean ugly).

Scavenger Hunt
Find pictures of the following:
1. One of the gifts you got from the holidays
2. You spending time with your relatives
3. A picture of soemthing your New Year's resoltuion is about
4. You and your parents
5. Promote 5 times. That's not hard


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