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Ocean's 13

Hello. I have this project for Ocean's 13 (don't ask), and I am supposed to come up with trivia questions. I have not seen the movie so I was hoping for some help.

I need answer to questions like

Who is the thirteenth member?

What is his job in the gang?

Who plays the thriteenth member?

And general questions that stem from seeing the movie.

Any help would be grately appreciated.

my first post here / i made some matt icons

*Your first name / sandra
*Age / 30something
*Gender / female
*What state your from / not : im canadian
*Whos your favorite character of Oceans 12 / matt damons charecter. im sorry i fergot his name /me bad.

hi. i just wanted to share my new journal layout. its kinda sucky (cause im a total newb at this lj stuff) and i made some random matt damon icons that i wanted to share.

here are a few.

you can see the rest on my journal. please visit. thanks.

*hopes she posted correctly*

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hi guys im new
*Your first name only: sophia
*Age: 16
*Gender: female
*What state your from: new york
*Whos your favorite character of Oceans 12: rusty hes adoreable lol
* i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get that song of where toulour steals the egg where hes dodging the lasers??

Ocean's Twelve AUTOGRAPHED movie Poster for sale! ...

Hello everyone!

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I will sell it for $50 + shipping. (Or best offer) I will ship to anywhere in the world! and it will be shipped in a sturdy, protective tube so that it does not get damaged in the mail.

I accept concealed cash in american currency. Comment to this post if you are interested or email me at tonyax16 @

This is what the poster looks like, only the one you will recieve is autographed in black marker by the cast of the movie.

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Sharp dressed man


Ocean's Thirteen Jerry Weintraub has brought former Warner Bros. exec Rob Guralnick back to The Lot as his producing partner and president of WB-based Jerry Weintraub Prods. Move comes as Weintraub gets a script by Brian Koppelman and David Levien for "Ocean's Thirteen." Weintraub is in the early stages of plotting a third chapter of the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise with director Steven Soderbergh and his Section Eight partner George Clooney. Aim is to put the pic in production later this year. Shingle is also prepping a Jan. 31 production start on the Andy Fleming-directed "Nancy Drew." (Variety)
Sharp dressed man

(no subject)

*Your first name only Joanne
*Age 21
*Gender Female
*What state your from Michigan
*Whos your favorite character of Oceans 12 Danny Ocean and Rusty.. very smooth but mainly Danny Ocean


I am new, great community!

*Your first name only Nicole
*Age 25
*Gender Female
*What state your from US Virgin Islands
*Whos your favorite character of Oceans 12 Terry Benedict - I love Andy Garcia and think he is overlooked as the fantastic actor he is.
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