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__nighA fandom built from scratch. Too ambitious, try again: a collaborative universe, built on the characters and stories created by the contributing authors and artists. A chance for creativity. An opportunity to be inspired, prompted and influenced by other creative people.

Within a rough setting and scenario base, members of the Nigh project will create characters and stories that will become part of the universe, and will then be used by other members to weave further stories and characters. While obviously an author's or artist's right to be recognised as the author of their work remains unquestioned, their characters and story events are considered common property, free for other members of the project to use. Pieces of the project can take any creative form the member chooses - words in any form, and art of all types is welcome. We are creating fanworks of each others fanworks. We are weaving together a body of canon; a mythos of our own.

To join: At present, we are not accepting new members, except by specific invitation. Once the project is underway, membership will be opened to applicants. Application will involve: 1) asking; 2) wanting to be involved; 3) having read the rules. (So real complicated. *G*) Feel free to drop me a line if you're interested right now, and I'll let you know when we open membership.

Important entries:
The Rules - the world, character creation, what you can write, how to post.
Admin stuff - the minor character list, the stories-in-progress list (members only).

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