Belial Bio

Second-draft bio, very late but still enthusiastic. History is still deliberately vague, because I'd love other players' input on whether Belial should be fairly new, or old enough to remember parts of history we consider largely myth and speculation. This is my baby, the one I've been trying to work into a story for years now, so please feel free to heap on the constructive commentary!

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ADMIN: Minor characters

Obviously, stories will need more than simply the cast of Major (member-created) Characters. So feel free to create minor characters - what in an RPG would be called NPCs (non-player characters) to fill the void of all those waitresses, shop clerks and other miscellaneous parts. We'll try to keep a list of who they are, what they do and which stories they've been used in, so people don't create three different people to fill the same spot. These minor characters will be absolutely available to be developed into a Major Character, if someone wanted to "spend" their character creation on that. (If you use a minor character so strongly in a story that you basically are developing them into a Major, then you may be asked to spend your character creation on making it official.)

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ADMIN: The World

The car is on fire, and there is no driver at the wheel,
and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
and a dark wind blows.
The skyline was beautiful on fire,
all twisted metal stretching upwards -
everything washed in a thin orange haze.
I said: "Kiss me, you are beautiful -
these are truly the last days."

- God Speed You Black Emperor

The time is tomorrow, and the end is nigh. There's no certainty to it, no scientific evidence of it, but nevertheless, everyone is coming to accept it as the truth. In some ways, life is perfectly normal. In some ways, every primal part of you shrieks that there is no more time. There are omens - comets, storms, inexplicable things, heavings of the earth, ragings of the sea. Everyone - everyTHING - in some way, is going a little bit crazy.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

- Hamlet

Now, at the end of all things, they are coming out of the woodwork; the Others. The myths, the legends, the fairy stories and the old wives's tales. Demons and demi-gods, heroes of myth and cursed immortals of legend. Things you've never heard of. Things that cannot possibly exist.

But exist they do. They have been in the cracks of the world for hundreds and thousands of years, but now, they are coming out. They feel the end even more strongly than humans do, because this is it; their grand finale. The end of all their days. They are gathering here, in this city (let's call it "Metropolis"), drawn against their wills.

No one knows how much time is left precisely, but everyone knows there is very little. Here and now; these are the final moments of eternity. These are truly the last days.

The end is nigh.