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Don't hate

just eat, drink

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Anybody , Moderated
Here at __nicex, we don't care if you are black, white, fat, ugly, anorexic, suicidal, a tree hugger, a republican or a yankee..

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These are all reasons you may be persecuted from normal society, but we are okay with it. We are all a big family here, and we're just trying to get along on space-ship earth. All you need to know, is how to do an el jay cut. And don't promote if you don't feel like it. Just e-mail the mod if you want to send money or have any questions or concerns.


1. Applications need to be posted within 7 hours of joining community. So basically, just apply right away,
2. Applications must be under a cut, enitled with your favorite quoute.
3. Don't post anything until you've been approved by both mods.
4. Give us a whereabouts of where you are, and your name, and age.
5. Don't start any baloney with anyone, 'cause it's no fun, and you will be kicked out.

1. Your vote can always be vetoed by a mod. Always.
2. When voting on an applicant, clearly state your vote in the subject line.
3. Don't start any baloney, or else you will be kicked out.

Thanks guys. Oh, and don't ask why i'm making this sound a little hypocritical.. I'm just making these rules because this community needs a back-bone. And you'll all be accepted so whatever. Just as long as you don't offened anyone. No racism, or sexism.