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love mk?

join ____marykate

if you are a mary-kate fan (which you obviously are, haha), come join miss_marykate. it gets updated every day with any new pictures and news, and you can post anything related to mk (news, pics, info, graphics, etc.). this isn't one of those communities that gets made then never updated again. i was given the community a couple months ago, and i've worked hard on it just about everyday. but please note that it isn't an eating disorder related community, just a mary-kate lovers community. so please come JOIN! don't forget to also add it to your friends page so you can see all the updates ♥


    Hi, i'm cairee, one of the mods.. please post all e-bay items and other such auctions under an LJ cut. as well as large photos and graphics. icons…

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    like making icon & banners go to trashyhollywood

  • banner help?

    i did this sometime earlier for uncredited icons, so maybe you can help me with the banners now (i'm sorry, this won't be happening again, i…

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