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someone on the black_cats community recently asked for any spells to do with pregnancy, i don't know if you meant including the delivery, but here you go! [this was from the book moon magic by dorothy morrison!]


Spell to Ease Delivery


1/4 teaspoon lavender flowers
1 white or yellow seven-day candle

Sprinkle the lavender on top of the candle, then light the wick. Visualize the person for whom you're performing this work in the delivery room, then enlist the Mother's help by saying something like:

Mother Who must birth the Sun
When each year is nearly done
Please lend your aid unto this task
An easy childbirth I do ask
In little time with little pain
But let the baby's strength not wane
Bring all safely through this task
Mother do now what I ask

Let the candle burn all the way down.

Burning a mixture of lavender and
roses in the birthing room is also
said to ease labor pains and speed

I suppose you could get a close Wiccan friend [if you have one near you] to perform the spell for you. If not, you could reword it and make it fit for you to work it. The lavender and rose is also a good idea for the birthing room.
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Welcome everyone, anyone. :) I'm going to go on a posting rampage to any open communities I can find. Feel free to post, and tell anyone you can about the community. I'm trying to get it up and running.

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