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May 5th, 2006

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03:05 pm - Intro
Hello all... I am new. Not just to this group, but to myself as well. I'm in need of guidance, as well as a release from the paths set for me by others.......

I am 22 years old. I have a gorgeous 4 year old(but I may be biased). As you can probably tell by my icon, I am a lesbian- this has been part of my finding myself. I actually invite questions into my personal life, because I may give answers that I didn't realize untill the right question was asked.
I have study the Wiccan religion of and on since 8th grade... but have always had a very spiritual and grounded connection with myself and those around me, if that makes any sense. I just begin doing Tarot readings this past Christmas....The ones I have done have been very accurate and have generally come into fruitition within 4-8 weeks of the reading, except for those I've done with the Celtic Cross Extended- this spread has a timing card, but it has not proved very accurate for me, except for when it comes up time indeterminate, and then it has fallen into the previously mentined time fame. What I most want to get out of this and other communities I have joined , is a better understanding for and with my cards.....I want to be able to read them without the def needing to be on hand.......and so I immerse myself among you all.
Please feel free to add me........If this is where I belong.....
So mote it be........
x-posted, please forgive the intrusion....

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