Lady T. - "The Witch Is In" (ladytairngire) wrote in __neverafter,
Lady T. - "The Witch Is In"

1. How do you feel about the adage: “Don’t haggle over the price of ritual tools.” ?
Does everybody agree on this?

I ask because I am a big fan of flea markets and yard sales, where I find A LOT of my treasures. Anyway, I recently bought a new dagger from a farmer’s market vendor. At places like this, haggling is the name of the game, especially since the same dagger was available a dozen stalls down at a cheaper price AND came with a stand. I got the lady to knock down the price, but then I paid three dollars more than she was asking in order to (hopefully) make up for any insult I caused by wheeling and dealing.

But I wonder – insult to who? To the Gods? The weapon? The vendor?

Personally, I think the taboo is a “guideline” – it all depends. I like to imagine that some Gods would consider bargaining a sacred art form.

Still, I’d really like to hear other opinions. I’ve never asked anyone about this.

2. Another question: Has anybody had any experience blending ritual and/or spellcraft with Feng Shui principles? If so, to what effect?

BTW – new member. Hi.
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