Hindu Items and books

Hey gang.Haven't been in a pagan space .but the pagan community has been kind to me. I gather this is a trading post. I supply hindu items and books. Living in Asia , these are items are easily gotten here and my costs are low. please let me know if you are interested
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Hello all. I'd like to extend an invitation to visit my new community called lunascopes.

The daily posts are similar to a Horoscope but rely solely on the Moon for forecasts. I formed this community to give others a chance to share in how the Moon can have a positive influence on your creativity, productivity, and life in general once you know how to interpret and accept its powers.

I hope you will visit and join!


Hello all... I am new. Not just to this group, but to myself as well. I'm in need of guidance, as well as a release from the paths set for me by others.......
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So mote it be........
x-posted, please forgive the intrusion....

Hola peoples!

im hoping i can find some help here. i've been doing some research on acient myths and ledgands. in the past whenever i've tried this i started out strong, but then pettered out as i got confused. this time though, i had a plan. Start at the begining, a cultures creation myth. then work your way forward. so far its worked. but as i turned my attention to the Celtic myths, i discovered something.

the Celts dont have a creation myth. or none that i've been able to find anyway. this is odd, as the creation myth usualy sets the standard for all the myths that come after. theres plenty of attention given to the celtic gods powers and roles, but little to no explenation of where they came from. as well as the bigger questions of who created the universe, mankind, etc.

i've run into this a few other places, but the celts made it stand out more as i have some heritage from that area (along with every other anglo-saxon....heh)

any help?


I'm Sara, and I've been studying wicca for about 4 years now.

I live in a not-so-witch-friendly area and don't really have anyone to talk to.

When I first discovered the craft, I fell in love with it right away. Especially oil and herb magick. I actually was gonna take class to be a herbalist. Is anyone else here into herb magick? I would love to here from you. ^_^

Better Late than Catholic...

Hey folks. Interesting article re origins of Samhain/Halloween.

"Legends about witches meeting at midnight on Halloween most likely have their roots in sightings by Protestants of Catholics engaging in forbidden Christian religious practices."

Read On:



-Lady T
"Once again, proof that the Irish know how to party."
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I'm new.
My name is Christina.

I have been studying Wicca for about 3 years now.
I haven't done anything really.
Maybe a simple chant every now and then.
I do tarot everyday.

Anywho, just thought I'd say "HI."

Blessed Be!
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1. How do you feel about the adage: “Don’t haggle over the price of ritual tools.” ?
Does everybody agree on this?

I ask because I am a big fan of flea markets and yard sales, where I find A LOT of my treasures. Anyway, I recently bought a new dagger from a farmer’s market vendor. At places like this, haggling is the name of the game, especially since the same dagger was available a dozen stalls down at a cheaper price AND came with a stand. I got the lady to knock down the price, but then I paid three dollars more than she was asking in order to (hopefully) make up for any insult I caused by wheeling and dealing.

But I wonder – insult to who? To the Gods? The weapon? The vendor?

Personally, I think the taboo is a “guideline” – it all depends. I like to imagine that some Gods would consider bargaining a sacred art form.

Still, I’d really like to hear other opinions. I’ve never asked anyone about this.

2. Another question: Has anybody had any experience blending ritual and/or spellcraft with Feng Shui principles? If so, to what effect?

BTW – new member. Hi.