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Hi, and welcome to Neospeak. We're a neopets community for all ages where you can talk about your pets, games, new events on the sites, post screen shots, tell us what you have won or lost, and anything else neopets related, really! We will be running contests soon, where you will be able to win neopets items. So, what are you waiting for? Join!

NO scamming/conning people out of neopoints and/or items!

This means no "auctions" of whoever gives the most items/neopoints gets a rare item, because most people just aren't that nice & will take advantage of your good nature.

There are plenty of shops, auctions & trading posts on neopets, so please use these instead.

NO begging!

No one wants to read about someone moaning for that one special item they want/need.

Sure, you can ask in the community if maybe someone has that item, or if you've saw that item in their gallery & you'd like to know if they'de be willing to put it up for sale in their shop or do a fair trade for it on the trading post, but that's it.


Neopets is for all ages, but is mostly aimed at younger people, so please no swearing or your post will be deleted & you will get a warning!


You will only be allowed three warnings & then you will be deleted from the community.

When you join, please fill out this short application so that we can add you to our members page. This is so we can keep track of who has joined here, and so that other members can say hi :).

Neopets username:
About your neopets:
Do you collect anything on neopets? e.g Faerie food, secret avatars, orange items.
How long have you been playing?
Do you have a goal on neopets? e.g, To own a Faerie Pteri, or to have a million neopoints.
Anything else you want to show us or tell us? e.g Pictures of your pets, your favorite item etc.

You! This section is optional!
Your name:
Your age:
Where do you live?
Your hobbies:

You can copy and paste the code in the box and just fill it in!

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