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New scammer handle, old scammer story

Wow, I wish LJ would consider an IP ban!

superchickx is probably playerzz is probably lovebitch is probably supergirlxox.....

I'm sure you've all seen her get rich quick scam, do NOT click on that link!

It has come to my attention that superchickx (hazelhurst on Greatest Journal) has been serial posting to various Neopet-related communities with this message:

The older players here will recognize this as a scam, the newer players might be fooled. Do NOT enter any infomation into this website!! It is a password farmer (in which YOU fill out the username, password, and items you want), unknown if it is a cookie grabber (simply copies your Neopets cookies without user conscent). I called him out on the first post in one community, so he recreated the post turning comments off, disallowing us to "thank him for the wonderful site and all the riches we got by entering our senstive intomation into it." Isn't this odd?? =3

Stay safe, younger players!!
~ neopetcommunity mod Aquilla

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