Emma (love_kisses) wrote in __neospeak,

New Member saying Hello

Neopets username: twoinone
About your neopets: I have 3 neopets, benzwinston the Island Grundo, Honey_JubJub the Coconut Jubjub and TwoinoneGuild who gets labbed all the time. I leave the 4th space open for lab rats.
How long have you been playing? I have been playing on and off since 2000
Are you a premium user? No, would like to be though
Do you collect anything on neopets? Not really, I do like getting new avatars though
Do you have a goal on neopets? To get and complete my first Fountain Faerie Quest
Anything else you want to show us or tell us?

Your name: Emma
Your age: 22
Where do you live? Australia
Your hobbies: Playing Neopets, reading, writing
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