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'-_- Want to find an Active Community SOOO bad

Neopets username: Dark_Guardian_Rantin
About your neopets: Guardian_Renicko was once a Darigan Lupe. Emphasis on was thanks to Boochi, but he will be again soon. Guardian_Khaz was adopted just after Renicko was attacked by Boochi. His dream is to be a Pirate Lupe. Chantaey is my most recent pet. I adopted her just because she was adorable and I loved her name. She may become Faerie one day.
Do you collect anything on neopets? Juuust neopoints. Well, plushies, and faeries, and codestones.... anything expensive I can get for free.
How long have you been playing? A long time? Fine... *checks* 3 years and 10 months
Are you a Premium Member? No, but I hope to be one day. Once I decide I want to spend the money on it that is.
Do you have a goal on neopets? Definitely need another Darigan Paint Brush, and a Pirate Paint Brush.
Anything else you want to show us or tell us? I'm dabbling my art skills in the way of neopets. So if anyone is interested, I may show some finished work here?

Your name: Charity
Your age: 18
Where do you live? Nebraska! Woo!
Your hobbies: It's summer. Neopets is my life.
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