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Neopets username: Tommychick4u2c
About your neopets:Shongas is a green Cybunny and she is hoping so much for me to get a pluchie paint brush for her. And bomb_dude_2004 was a refugee. He was abused by his last owner, so he is never happy and you hates toys.
How long have you been playing? I've been playing neopets for 25 months. (Almost 26, YAY)
Are you a premium user? No I'm not. I can't pay because I'm to young and I need to be in school alot.
Do you collect anything on neopets? If you count Np's as collecting lol. My icon shows all of my fav and hoped for neopets.
Do you have a goal on neopets? I want to mother a faerie lenny, baby ogrin, plushie cybunny, and chokato kiko. A fantasy goal that I have is to have 100k bank intrest daily. Something I do and glad to do is help others on neopets to fulfill there goals.
Anything else you want to show us or tell us? I adopt neopets who are thrown out and are sick. I usually heal them and attcked an ocasional petpet.

Your name: Victoria
Your age: 13
Where do you live? NYC!!! lol
Your hobbies: Neopets, reading, acting, biking, playing on the computer, spending time with family.

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