April 14th, 2006


My first time posting here. Hi!!

Neopets username: piolaappleseed
About your neopets:piolopo the bori is the one i use the most. He's my fave. Mmmelacapitaine the xweetok is the one i use second. I got her name from this french movie "La veuve de saint pierre." Now i have two others (a lenny and a kacheek) but i think im going to pound them. I'm awful :[. Haha..
How long have you been playing? on this account for 14 months but ive had other accounts back since i was in 6th grade. I stopped using them and eventually forgot my passwords haha. which kind of sucks. but okay
Are you a premium user?No... that could only lead to more addiction.
Do you collect anything on neopets? Not really. Once i was trying to make a nice neohome then i got sick of that. Then i tried increasing piolopo's stats but then i was getting poor buying too many codestones. But now i think im starting again. Oh i guess now i am saving items to get the pack rat avatar. I only have 114 so far. Loooonngg way to go.
Do you have a goal on neopets? Oh well i guess the pack rat avatar. And to make piolopo really tough so i can actually win in the battledome. Haa.. i wish. Ooh ooh and to paint piolopo pirate and the xweetok fairy. Someday when im 30.
Anything else you want to show us or tell us? No. :]

Your name: Paulina
Your age: 16
Where do you live? New York
Your hobbies: Running track and cross country is my favorite thing to do ever. I also like to paint.. im pretty good at it. I like cats and i like to play neopets... (:

Hi everyone!
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