Forever can wait.

Here are some pics I took today. Not only is the hair on my head short from a recent haircut, but I decided my area down below was getting a bit out of control so I quelled the riot with my clippers of justice. Enjoy.

By The Way.... Male nudity below cut. Be careful with your clicking fingers guys, or you'll get an eyefull of dick. And below that, you'll see my penis.

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I want to walk with you out to my car after a night out... ask you if you have panties on under that skirt. When you tell me that you dont, i'll follow you to your side of the car then lean your back against the door and start kissing you, sliding my right hand up and down your side from your back down to your thigh... then with my left hand i'll move your hair off your shoulder and kiss down your neck... start to wisper to you... "if you see someone getting too close, just say 'use your lighter, you'll be able to find it easier' then i'll pull your skirt back down and act like i was looking for something..." You say what?? completely confused... but i dont say anything else. just kiss further down your neck, using both hands to slide up your skirt now.. until i'm on my knees, spreading yours.. then sliding my tongue across your clit and through your lips... down to your opening, spreading your lips with my tongue then sliding back up to your clit, twisting my tongue around and around until i slide my tongue back down your slit again... much wetter this time, you're breathing heavy and asking me if i've lost my mind... with your clit on my tongue i just remind you to keep your eyes open... you're breathing heavy ... i start to suck your clit in and out between my lips while i tease the tip w/ my tongue... i feel your knees start to shake and i hear that breath that says you're about to cum... just then i hear you say "uh lighter...lost.. you..." i get the hint, pull down your skirt, and stand up and say "oh here it is! i cant believe i dropped my phone AGAIN tonight.." then casually walk back to my side of the car, open the door and get in.


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