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__naitomea__ @ lj . com
a ナイトメア fan community
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24th-Feb-2014 07:20 pm - [sales] tourbooks, etc.
I'm selling some more of my Nightmare collection, check under the cut for photos of three tour pamphlets (including one for Sendai Kamotsu), two guitar picks, and a hand-drawn pin. All prices are negotiable. Please PM or email me for questions about the items and shipping inquiries (international shipping available). I can only take Paypal. Thanks for looking!

photosCollapse )
15th-Oct-2012 05:46 pm - 13th anniversary project
Pink Spider, hide, X Japan

Hello everyone, I'd just like to inform you all of the 13th anniversary project I've organized.


I would really love to make this project even more successful than the fanbook that was delivered to Chiba at FanimeCon in May! I'm hardly ever on lj-- just on here to make this post because I'm not sure where else to spread the word (I have already done so on tumblr, facebook groups, twitter, and NightmarisM on deviantart). So that being said, I will more than likely respond quicker to any questions/messages left in fuckyeahnightmare's inbox or crash_nightmare_channel@hotmail.com

Please spread the word!

29th-Jan-2011 03:08 pm - !
noraifu chiba
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26th-Jan-2011 11:04 pm - FC TOUR @Osaka Setlist

sorry i'm isn't there but my friend told me about this LIVE

FC TOUR @Osaka



Mr.Trarsh music
Can you do it?
Gianizm kyuu


Jashin to bara
Gianizm go
Gianizm Roku


 Gianizm Hachi
Gianizm Sichi



Gianizm Shi



Raven Loud speeeaker

 They change positions to play this song:
 vo. Hitsugi
leader gui..Ni ~ ya
bass. RUKA
drums. Sakito

New SONG!!!
Crash?! Nightmare Channel
Gianizm Tsuu
Kyokutou Ranshin Tengoku
24th-Jan-2011 09:41 pm - Sakito in SHOXX.
I received and Email from CDJapan today so I thought I would share.
SHOXX April 2011 Issue [Cover] Sakito (Nightmare)
Price: 933 ¥ | £7.07 | $11.29
Release Date:2011/02/21
URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=NEOBK-859578
Other artists include-
  • the GazettE
  • SID
  • SuG
  • kagrra
  • girugamesh
  • Vidoll
No preview picture has been uploaded as of yet. Release date is 2011/02. Pre order deadline is 2011/02/01.

I'm going to pre-order it so if I can figure out my scanner I will scan the pictures.
24th-Jan-2011 05:26 pm - A question.
Hello everyone~~
I would like to ask you guys about the latest (?) Sendai Kamotsu's release, Tour 2009 Fukyo no Kaze ~Sendai Kamotsu Forever~ DVD.
Does anyone have it? Have anyone seen this DVD?

Thanks in advance.

If it's not allowed, feel free to delete this post.
Hello everybody!

I am selling a poster of YOMI (Naitomea of course) from the SHOXX Vol.216.

I accept paypal only!
Submit your price~

23rd-Jan-2011 05:43 pm - SALES POST!
HunHan Van


I'm selling a lot of stuff so please take a look at my journal!

For CDs & DVDs by Nightmare, girugamesh, D'espairs Ray, ... click here.

For Magazines click here.

For CDs & DVDs by Gazette click here.

Thank you! :)

22nd-Jan-2011 04:22 pm - Sales post!
panda star default
I am selling some Nightmare stuff (anima cd and laminated posters) as well other jrock stuff over here at My journal
15th-Jan-2011 02:03 pm - Zannin
Hi guys,
i'm just wondering if any of you guys know much about the former drummer Zannin, this is for a in depth time-line i'm writing on the band. Also any information dating before 2001 would be great =D thanks
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