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MYSPACE x WHORE's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Mar 2008|12:48pm]

who wants to be the maintainer of this community?
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Make money off of myspace [14 Apr 2007|12:03pm]

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[11 Apr 2007|12:54am]



Add Me Loves <3

Add to Friends

Comment My Pictures & I'll Comment Yours As Well <3

Create Your Own Whore Me Code
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FRIENDS!? [16 Mar 2007|04:31pm]

I've seen cool friends tables, and I wonder is there a website to make them, because the layout I just put up eliminates my friends all together... HELP
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HELP, awesome myspace profile! [16 Mar 2007|03:42pm]

How do you make / where do you find a pre-made layout similar to this:

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[23 Oct 2006|07:20pm]

heyyyyyy whores. 

i have been looking for days but i CANNOT find out how to only display 2 or 3 comments instead of the 50! 
PLEASE someone take the time and help me out.

im so lost =[

and im ususally great with computers and html.
but this has STUMPED ME! thanks babes.
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[26 Sep 2006|08:44pm]

Does anyone know a good place for quote graphics? =]

thanks in advance
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[22 Aug 2006|07:20pm]

Im new here. and all I want is a simple myspace.
So I was wondering if anyone just had the plain EASY codes
to hide the URL, Intrest, Details, Friends & Comments
Ide love you if you gave them to me cause most of the
sites ive been to suck, really bad and put a label in your
myspace in the corners or something, and I dont want that.
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Kinda mad about posting... [26 Jul 2006|11:29pm]

I'm sure this has been asked 80 thousand times, but I was just wondering:

How do you change the background color for messages and for your pic page? I want to make it black and have no idea how!
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[22 Jul 2006|11:06am]

so when people try to add me it asks for my email
or my last name.

it used to not do that ive always had the same age.
any ideas how to change that?
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[28 Jun 2006|07:06pm]

Does anyone have a really good myspace code website?
thanks in advance!
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[26 Jun 2006|02:46pm]

Does anybody know how to make new names for all your friends on your top 8?
thanks in advance.
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[21 Jun 2006|12:45am]

how do you hide comments without doing your top eight through rawr?
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[20 Jun 2006|09:45am]

if anyone could help me with this that would amazing..
i really love this layout and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find it or get it.. or if anyone knew how to make it

also ...

does anyone know how to link stuff...

like if i put elexis - clicking that would go to a page
and linking images too

thanks that would be amazinggggg!
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someone help please! [02 Jun 2006|01:48pm]
hey i've had myspace for a while and i have been trying to make my myspace black and white for the longest time and i have no idea how to do it? does anyone know how i can?
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ya [20 May 2006|04:59pm]

heyyy im wondering if anyone
knows how to make a top 16 i went
to r4wr.com and it wasnt working
so is there anywhere eles that is as simple
as that?
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[24 Apr 2006|03:58pm]

You know how some people post a bulletin with a picture and a comment box underneath it.
What's the code for that?
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[24 Apr 2006|01:49pm]

Does any one know if there is a way to change like how it says
books movies interests etc.
if i could change those to something else?
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[23 Apr 2006|01:45pm]

does anyone have a code to get rid of the detail box at the bottom left? i got a code from myspacescripts.com but it's not working for me. thanks in advance.
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[23 Apr 2006|11:10am]

does anyone know the myspace code to get rid of the name box on the right but keep the blog?
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