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Meet New People and Role Play [entries|friends|calendar]
This Is Where All My Peoples Hang Out

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[08 Sep 2006|11:45pm]

Lostprophets U.S. tour this fall!
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1st_LearnMusic [10 Aug 2005|12:18am]

Hello __mypeoples__! I am inviting communities to my new commnunity called 1st_learnmusic I hope it's okay that I write my invite on here. It's a community for learning music or showing your love and support for it!! I believe once more people join it will become a really great helping community for music. So if you would like to check it out, feel free to, and I as well as the other members would really appreciate it and would be honored if you joined! :)
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[09 Jul 2005|02:40pm]
Hey guys...my friend started a new band and I'm just heling him get the word out and about. If you have a minute and are into piano/guitar/mellow music...or if you know anyone who would be interested...let them know and have a listen.

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Come Join And Have Fun! [10 May 2005|06:56pm]

Please come join:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Run By:

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New Story: Pets [27 Feb 2005|11:57am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey, when you respond, don't forget to put your character name in the subject box. And in this one, put the name and the kind of animal you are.

And I'm no good with making up a begining of a story, so good luck to me.

Kinje: Hey, I'm Kinje. I'm a cat with grey and white stipes. I like to get out of the house while the people are away to school and work and go hang out w/ my other friends. I have some cat friends, some rabit friends, but I just can't stand dogs.

So one day I was goin' out to meet some of my friends by the dumpsters like I do every day, but something was wrong. While I was walking there, I felt like I was being watched. I saw a bush shaking, and once I went up to it...

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HELLO [22 Feb 2005|10:25am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Name: Melee (pronounced maylay)
Any interesting thing about me: umm, I can lay all day in bed and not think it was a waste of a day.
Not that interesting, but all I have for now.

wow, took me awhile to figure out how to post in here.

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[29 Dec 2004|11:15am]


1) Name: Nashla (pronounced with a long A sound.. kinda like the O in octapus)
2) Any interesting thing about you: my overwhelmingly annoying name.

hallo all! im nashla and i wanna be the ruler of the galaxy or the nicest girl on earth. i think mother teresa kinda beat me out on that last one though. damn. anyways. yeah, im new.
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[14 Dec 2004|10:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Angela :)
Interesting thing about me: Hmmm... I have a tattoo and two snakes, soon to be more with both.

I love you Stephanie... <3

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Newbie [11 Dec 2004|03:42pm]

[ mood | blah ]

1) Name: Jacquelyn
2) Any interesting thing about you:
. I am a laid back person
. Fun
. Outgoing
. Nice
. Funny
. Just the type of person that just like to hang out
. Optomistic

And I guess thats about it for now

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[29 Aug 2004|02:58pm]

I am Reverend F. Raymond Sickly.
I write more than you think.
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homeless [14 Jul 2004|05:20pm]

Me and My fiance are homeless......And looking for somewhere to stay so we can get on our feet...if anyone is willing to help 2 nice homeless people.....it would be greatly appreciated. we don't ask for much, just a floor to sleep on. my aim sn is error fairy, and my cell is 908-268-7242.

We're in warren, now...going from place to place...-_-

http://www.fotki.com/crapige is pictures of us...

//melinda & justin the homeless kids
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A Vampire Hunt... [05 Jul 2004|12:08am]

[ mood | bored ]


My friends and I were walking around at 10 pm looking for vampires. We were all 25 year old people and that was our jobs... we were vampire hunters looking for action. Unfortunatly, this was the first day on the job for us, so we didn't really know what we were doing. I mean, don't get me wrong, we had awesome training! But... we all didn't do very well in the course... so I didn't really want to meet a vampire right now...

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New Story: The Lake of Utter...utter...well, utter something! [04 Jul 2004|03:33pm]

Alright, I am starting a new story now! Me and Steph finished the last one. It shall work the same way as the last one; we each pick a character and write their thoughts. Here we go. Oh, by the way, I thought I'd start off with a little bit of an Independence day theme, (as in, July 4th), considering what day it is. ;)


It had been a pretty boring day. I had stayed inside all day, trying to get relief from the heat. At around 6:00, my parents and I went to go down to this huge lake to watch the fireworks. To my pleasant surprise, I saw a lot of my friends come too! We took our big boat, and we all went out on it together. It was now around 9, after being on the lake for a while, the fireworks started. We watched in awe as the marvelous colors reigned the night sky and swept over the smoothness of the deep blue lake. But suddenly, the lake began to create huge waves. "Everyone, make sure you have your life jackets on, and hold on tight!" shouted my dad. We all braced ourselves, but I was thrown to the side, and my straps on the life jacket came undone! I sank into the water, screaming. "Help! Help!" I fell beneath the opaque waters, down into the blackness...
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Lost in a forest:because many things can happen [25 Jun 2004|03:45pm]

Okay, so i'm really bored, and i guess i'll start the role playing thing we've been talking about. I guess we could each play a character and just write their thoughts. Pick someone and give them a name.

Lost in a forest: because many things can happen
We were in the tent getting ready for bed, when I heard Brandon
shout "Hey guys, you gotta come see this!" The other girls and I
walked through the tent door to find Brandon and Matt standing
at the edge of the woods behind the tents. I turned around when
I heard the other guys coming out of their tent behind us. "What's
up?" I heard someone ask. "Don't you see it?" Brandon asked,
excited. He pointed to a dirt path that followed deep into the
woods. "It's a trail, we gotta follow it man!" Brandon said
agian. I stepped back, worried about what he was gonna bring us
into agian. Brandon was always getting into trouble, or looking
for adventure. And, of course I always end up trudging behind
as everyone follows along with his crazy ideas. I rolled my eyes.
"You guys it's dark!" I started to moan. "Can't we at least wait
untill morning!" I was always afraid of everything, and everyone
knew it, but no one ever seemed to care. But most of the time I
was right about what might happen.
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Hey Everyone! [18 Jun 2004|12:13pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey everyone... I was just wondering... considering this is just a trial thing, dont even know if this community will work out... what would u like to do? This community has a lot of possibilities and I was just wondering what you would like to make of it. What I would like to do is to post random pictures and see what other people post.

Something else we could do is make announcements. Like for instance: "I'm planning a day bowling on June 19th at 2 pm. Anyone interested?" But thats just me. What are some of your ideas?

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[18 Jun 2004|08:30am]

Come join just_be_real
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[16 Jun 2004|01:56pm]

[ mood | its raining! ]

1) Name:Stephanie
2) School:Walled Lake Northern
3) Grade:10th
4) Any interesting thing about you:um...dunno
5) A Pic of You:i hate computers and cant figure out how to put pictures up. which is y i need help with an icon and background!!
6) A random pic that would make me laugh. ha ha

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[16 Jun 2004|12:18pm]

1) Name: Sarah
2) School: Walled Lake Northern (coincidence? I think not...)
3) Grade: 10th (Another coincidence? hmmm?)
4) Any interesting thing about you: I'm on Cross Country, Track, and Bowling. I think this community is a great idea! Good job Steph! I shall invite people that I know! And don't know!
5) A Pic of You: That would be...meCollapse ) Umm... yay?
6) A random pic that would make me laugh: Uh...can I get back to you on that?

Oh, and for anyone who is 16 or older...come join _from_within_
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I'm Your Mod ^_^ [16 Jun 2004|11:29am]

1) Name: Stephanie (I'm your moderator)
2) School: Walled Lake Northern
3) Grade: 10th
4) Any interesting thing about you: I play percussion, I sing, play piano, and I love marching band and all my friends
5) A Pic of You: Me!Collapse )
6) A random pic that would make me laugh: w00tCollapse )
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[16 Jun 2004|11:21am]

[ mood | busy ]

1) Name: Jessica i like 2 be called Jessie
2) School: walled lake northern
3) Grade: 10th
4) Any interesting thing about you: i like 2 babysit and i love playing the flute and doing marching band!!!!

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