Hello __mypeoples__! I am inviting communities to my new commnunity called 1st_learnmusic I hope it's okay that I write my invite on here. It's a community for learning music or showing your love and support for it!! I believe once more people join it will become a really great helping community for music. So if you would like to check it out, feel free to, and I as well as the other members would really appreciate it and would be honored if you joined! :)

New Story: Pets

Hey, when you respond, don't forget to put your character name in the subject box. And in this one, put the name and the kind of animal you are.

And I'm no good with making up a begining of a story, so good luck to me.

Kinje: Hey, I'm Kinje. I'm a cat with grey and white stipes. I like to get out of the house while the people are away to school and work and go hang out w/ my other friends. I have some cat friends, some rabit friends, but I just can't stand dogs.

So one day I was goin' out to meet some of my friends by the dumpsters like I do every day, but something was wrong. While I was walking there, I felt like I was being watched. I saw a bush shaking, and once I went up to it...
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Name: Melee (pronounced maylay)
Any interesting thing about me: umm, I can lay all day in bed and not think it was a waste of a day.
Not that interesting, but all I have for now.

wow, took me awhile to figure out how to post in here.
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bird flu

(no subject)

1) Name: Nashla (pronounced with a long A sound.. kinda like the O in octapus)
2) Any interesting thing about you: my overwhelmingly annoying name.

hallo all! im nashla and i wanna be the ruler of the galaxy or the nicest girl on earth. i think mother teresa kinda beat me out on that last one though. damn. anyways. yeah, im new.


1) Name: Jacquelyn
2) Any interesting thing about you:
. I am a laid back person
. Fun
. Outgoing
. Nice
. Funny
. Just the type of person that just like to hang out
. Optomistic

And I guess thats about it for now
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