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So, *waves* hey there fellow Evanescence-ers XD I'm new here and wanted to offer my "theory" on a song, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but here goes:

I've been listening to The Open Door a lot (duh haha) and I was really studying "Snow White Queen" and it sounds like a two-side song. Every other verse/chorus sounds like two different people- the first person "wanting" and being in love with the other, and the second feeling, I suppose "trapped" by this other person's persistant wanting...does that make sense?

I was just wondering if anyone agreed or understood my "theory" or if I was crazy :P So comments would be appreciated :D
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Hello all ^_^ I am a long time fan of evanescence! I just joined this community but their music has taken me through a lot. Their songs helped me deal with the death of my father and grandmother within 2 months of each other (mostly "My Immortal") and also it was playing in my CD player when I got in my car accident that same year. I just purchased their new CD and I fell in love with it instantly the minute it started to play. It's amazing! I love "Call me when you're sober" and I also love "Lacrymosa" because I sang the latin version in high school choir and its done amazingly. What has been your experience with the amazingness that is Evanescence? Also I was curious, does anyone have any scanned pictures of the new booklet inside their new CD? I love the "Call me when you're sober" picture and I wanted to make it my celly wallpaper ^_^;; I love Evanescence and wolves are my favorite animal in the world so I would greatly appreciate the help ^________^ THANKYOU!! *hugs to all*
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Much Music - 2nd Chance to see Ev in Toronto!!

Hey everyone!
For EV Fans in TORONTO and surrounding areas!!

MuchMusic and Wind-up Records are announcing another opportunity for fans to buy tickets through an exclusive MuchMusic “Second Chance” Ticket Offer.

A limited block of tickets will be made available exclusively to fans who purchase a “TrueTone” ringtone of the band’s new single 'Call Me When You're Sober’ through MuchMusic’s mobile store at (A TrueTone is a cell phone ringtone that is a portion of the actual song).

Visit for further details!!!

I got mine! Tee hee!


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