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Thunk up, created, moderated, owned, kicked, burned, abused...ahem...The queen, if you will of this magical little musical land...is Cat (actually it's Jessica but Cat is my nickname), also known as peace_monger.
  • You have to either currently play an instrument, or formally have played an instrument. If you're currently in band at school playing oboe, you're in. If you were in a local symphony playing cello two years ago, you're in. You're NOT in if you look at pictures of a euphonium all day, drooling. Sorry, but this is for musicians, not air-guitarists.
  • Please introduce yourself soon after you join! Just give your name, age, instrument you play...a bit about yourself such as music you like, your favourite books, other instruments you play, anything! Also, please post somewhat often. Don't just introduce yourself and not post ever again! Interactive communities are happy communities.
  • Be nice to your fellow musicians! None of that "I'm better than you because you play clarinet and I play French horn because brass rules!" crap. All instruments are equally unique and beautiful. No, but seriously, if any of you incite arguments, I'll ban you. Ooh, she means business! :)
  • Dude...no off topic posts, please! Keep it related to music, instruments, bands, sheet music, etc. Entries such as "Hey I broke my arm haha ouch" are really annoying. So keep them to your own journal. This is a music community, not a spontaneous announcement message board...

    Please Fill Out This Mini-Survey When You Join
    1. What's your favourite instrument?
    2. What's your favourite genre of music?
    3. Are you/were you ever in band?
    4. Can you read music?