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All ages shows are cool, but...

You go to a show, and can easily assume yourself to be the youngest one there, as well as the only person not smoking, drinking, and..er, other things.

But who cares, the music is loud and you're spazzdancing like a retard while everyone else is standing perfectly still because they are "Above Dancing".

And then you realize that you're the only one in the room who's even smiling so you retreat to a dark corner to worship the band from a far.

Oh yeah, and to stand next to your dad.

So you're sitting there, with your super-high piggytails, waltzing with your pandabear backpack, and then some scary drunken dude who had to have been atleast 3 times your age walks up and stands next to you in silence for a few minutes, and then leans next to you and BREEAAATHES...

"Nice bear."

So you stare at him like a deer caught in headlights until his drunken mind realizes that you're the epitome of all that is jailbait and walks away awkwardly.

...And then your dad laughs at you.

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