February 22nd, 2005

Note To Self

Anybody that is in the Boston area.. We have a show at All Asia on Mass Ave in Cambridge on Thursday at 9:00 with a 3$ cover... please come check it out its going to be a great time.. Whether youre in the Boston Area or not though you should check out www.note2selfmusic.com and go to listen. Hope to hear from any of you soon :)

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For the application I have an idea for adding a new opinion question.

Do you think music can be a reasonable excuse for major crimes? (ex: suicides, murders, hate crimes)

What do you think?

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i tried posting this as a comment reply to one of the user's questions about adding to the application. i recently renamed my journal and the community owner or one of the moderators needs to re-add me to the friends list, please. thanks :Op

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