February 15th, 2005


ok so i have a question (which is pretty obvious if you look at the title of the entry). umm... well i dont even think im allowed to post anything but an application since im not in this community, but i'm kind of new to this whole "rating" thing (which of course leads to my question in the first place)so hopefully you'll give me some slack.

what's the point of this rating community? i mean, maybe im missing something because i've just discovered rating communities but if a person loves music shouldn't he/she be accepted just because he/she loves music? since when is music about a person's sexual orientation, or political beliefs, or ability to make people laugh? this is going to sound extremely cliche, but i always thought music was sort of about those feelings that a person can't describe; i always thought music was about emotions and coping with life in a way that's so helpful and wonderful and meaningful. i thought music was about going to a concert and sweating and screaming and yelling with other people because everyone knows they're feeling the same thing, and everyone knows that there's this closeness in the crowd, even if it's just for that short period of time.

and why does it matter how many bands or artists a person listens to or doesn't listen to? even if a person only likes i don't know, let's say jay-z ... and someone else hates jay-z, why does that give anyone any right to say that the the first person doesnt think music is love? just because one person listens to 50 emo bands and another person only listens to jay-z, why should the jay-z person not be accepted?

this isn't meant to be rude at all, i guess im just sort of curious. like i said, im new to this whole rating thing, so maybe i'm completely missing something.