February 6th, 2005

# 18: Emo Question

Maybe it shouldn't be my place to post this (meaning a mod might want me not to) so if anyone gets pissed at it for me, sorry.

Anyway, if someone is applying to the community, I think that everyone would really prefer if you put something that isn't "Emo is emotional music". I'm pretty sure that nearly all music, whether pop, punk, emo, industrial, or metal, is emotional music. NOT JUST EMO! Emo is a different genre, and is classified as one because of its differences from other genres. Just because Pig Destroyer and Britney Spears might both be emotional doesn't make both of them emo. Britney Spears is pop, and I would probably classify Pig Destroyer as death metal. Do those two sound emo to you? Thanks.

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