February 2nd, 2005

just trying to raise som funds.

please do not delete this entry or just plain not read it.
i am trying to do some fundraising of my own for the tsunami relief.
100% of your money received will be donated to American Red Cross.
i have a friend helping me up north so it'll be good, quick and easy.
i have flyers for cookie dough, all kinds of flavors and cheap prices.
if you are interested please comment reply and/or email me.
don't forget to mention if you would like me to tell you the flavors and prices before sending you a flyer just to see how interested you really are.

thanks for reading and taking it into consideration. looking forward to your replies and potential contributions.

birdsofprey18 (aka rebelmaniac)
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prepare to die

M-A-T-U-R-I-T-Y vs. M-U-S-I-C

so, i see the bush/emo/abortion questions in the app as being a test of one's maturity, which is a good thing to have these days. these should NOT be the deciding factors on yes or no on an app. this is a MUSIC comm. if the music is there and you think that the controversial issues are lacking maurity, then yea, no your ass off. but don't let just one *coughbushcough* skew your answer in this MUSIC community.

this also is a message to the idiots out there who put "fuck bush fuck bush fuck bush" or "yay bush yay bush yay bush" in their app. noone will want to accept you. you better pray the person is in a good mood or liked the rest of your app. have some maturity when you fill this shit out. put forth some effort.

support your arguments. don't make us hate you.

your fav bitch mod,
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