February 1st, 2005

help please?

Hey guys!

Im from Australia, and on march 20th im going on a holiday with my family to the USA and around Europe. My lovely parentals said that i am allowed to go to acouple of concerts!!! but the trouble is, i have no idea who is coming!! I have checked out acouple of sites.. one being http://www.somasd.com/main.php because i will be in California most of the time, but i am going all over the country so any other websites like that would be a big help. i have also checked out http://www.ticketmaster.com/ and even searched acouple of my favourite bands websites for tours... but i just want to miss anything.

so, i thought i would ask you guys and see if you could help me find some bands to see.

Im going to the 'Taste of Chaos' on the 1st of April if anyone wants to join me? haha, ill be all alone and looking like a idiot. im also going to Fall Out Boy + others on 23rd of march.. LA - House of Blues.. i think its called. too bad im not going to be there for warped tour!! that would have been awesome!

thanks heaps if you can help me out! :) ♥
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i should add that the reason i am asking is for an oatmeal cookie recipe for my grandma and she is diabetic and i use Splenda instead of sugar. I never thought about using a substitute for brown sugar though.