January 18th, 2005

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i've probably posted this before, but how do you make an icon file size smaller? it has to be 40kb and quite a few of mine are bigger than that and i cannot use them because of it. any help would be great thanks.

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Okay since I have been so busy and will stay busy untill the weekend...I have decided that I am going to re-do the userinfo page. I am going to put all the promo banners in the Memories for easy access.  I am going to get all the rejected and accepted banners so I have them for use..but DAMN im overloaded.

Sincerly your Mod

(well one of them =D)
prepare to die

manatee burritos?

people, you don't have to tell us about how you're too busy to post or vote or read apps and what not. i dunno about everyone else, but i really don't care. i wouldn't notice if you didn't post.

just stay active if you can. if you can't, noone's gonna bitch at you.

also, i need a good place to upload my accepted/rejected/promo banners. i'm currently using www.imagecave.com but their bandwidth limitations are killing me. any suggestions for any good image servers?

thanx in advance.

your MALE bitch mod,
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