January 13th, 2005

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hey bitches. i'm tryin to make some new accepted stamps. i've made 5. i'll post them and show yall when i get home i don't have photoshop at school and paint isn't too great.

but yea, if yall have any specific pix and whatnot that you would like to have made into a stamp, send them to me and i'll make it.

until later days,

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Im all excited today because my friends band have an article in the newspaper!! haha me, being the dork i am cut it out and scanned it :) they are recording a new EP at the moment and i will show links to listen to their stuff later on when its finished!

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for anyone in the madison heights/troy area of michigan.

My Own Wordless Stanza, Writing the Fiction, and With rescue Breathing
January 14th. 6:00 2bux
29131 Howard, Madison heights 48071

drop by say hello. rock out.