January 8th, 2005

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I don't know how to put this but...I am leaving this community. The reason for my leaving has nothing to do with anyone in the community. It's just that I need to concentrate more on my school work and such. And I can't keep up with this anymore. I am basically fasting from the computer. So I am sorry. Farewell.
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    mathias replaces judas - Showbread

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Yeah, I don't particularly feel like getting rejected, and everyone kinda seems to hate me, so goodbye...

And good grief, I wasn't serious about the whole abortion thing: "she's gonna die anyway"...I'm just against abortion, okay? I'm adopted. Where the fuck would I be if my birthmother decided to have an abortion? In a fucking trashcan, that's where...

And my goodness...you kids with your hatred towards mainstream music. You're just pissed because you wanna be in an effing mainstream band. At least the music I listen to isn't a whole bunch of computerized shit.

Okay, goodbye now...