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Basic information:

1. Name: Amanda
2. Age: 14
3. Location: New York
4. Gender: Female
5. Sexual orientation: Bisexual


6. Make a list of all the bands you listen to. The more you put, the easier it is for us to see your tastes: Atreyu, H.I.M, Cradle of Filth. Death Cab For Cutie, Coheed and Cambria, Unearth, Weezer, Sublime, AFI, A Static Lullaby, System of a down, Alkaline Trio, The Mars Volta, Yellowcard, Death, Lamb of God, Slayer, Pantera, Drowning Pool, Brand New, Something Cooperate, Otep, Kittie, Rammestien, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Thursday, Cky, Nofx, koRn, Belle and Sebastian, The Pist, Anti Flag, Black Flag, The Unseen, The Explosion, NFG, Taking Back Sunday, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, The Killers, The Strokes, Alice in Chains, Jimmy eat world, Evanescance, The Bloodhound Gang, Morbid Angel, In Flames, The Liars, The Cars, Posion, AC/DC, Metallica, boys night out, catch 22, breaking benjiman, disturbed, green day, godsmack, ill nino, sloth, lost prophets, dir en grey, malice maizer, false honor, hide, zilch, Hyde, Killswitch engage, matchbook romance, my chemical romance, orgy, nirvana, linkin park, sex pistols, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, as i lay dying, bad religion, a perfect circle, HIMSA, avenged sevenfold, RHCP, Murderdolls, Slipknot, Sugarcult, The Used, the vines, yeah yeah yeahs and SO MANY MORE, but those are some of the bands I like...
7. Favorite band: Atreyu
8. Favorite CD: Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
9. Favorite lyric: "As we immulate we can burn in each other's arms" - Atreyu "This Flesh a Tomb
10. Favorite Book: Go Ask Alice
11. Favorite Movie: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
12. Talk about your favorite concert you've been to: I only go to local concerts. I kind of liked seeing this band Rot In Pain. They're good.
13. List some concerts you've been to: >.< Im seeing Atreyu and Scars of Tomorrow and Unearth soon =D *dont hate me, im so pathetic*
14. Are you active in the local scene?: yes!


15. Gay marriage: My aunts are Lesbians and I think that Gay Marriage should be allowed. People should be allowed to love/marry who ever they like.
16. Abortion: Its a woman's choice.
17. Bush: Fucking Screw up. Nuff said.
18. What does "emo" mean to you?: emotional...and its a kind of music. lol.
19. "CSI": no. i dont like t.v
20. "Seinfeld": no. i dont like t.v
21. What does love mean to you? Love is something you like alot. 22.
Why do you think we said Music Is Love?
Cuz you like music alot. and music is life, so, if you love life, you love music, WOO.


23. Make us laugh: here's a lame ass joke, but its funny. K so there's this vampire, he walks into a bar and he says to the bartender "hey, can I have a glass of blood?" the bartender says "okay" and hands him a glass of blood. Then another vampire walks into the bar and he asks the bartender "can i have a glass of blood?" the bartender says "okay" and hands him the glass of blood. Then a 3rd vampire walks into the bar and the bartender says "i guess you want a glass of blood." and the vampire says "no can i have water please?" and the bartender says "what the fuck do you need water for?" and the vampire pulls out a tampon and says "i'm making tea!"
24. Why should we accept you? Beacause I LOVE MUSIC. And I really want to join a ratin communtiy that rates you based on music.
25. Promote us to another community, and provide a link:

And finally, if you have a pic of your self post it please... Hells Yes.
thats me...>.<

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